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Vintage Myrrh

We know Myrrh has been used for thousands of years, but take a look at some of these vintage advertisements from the early 20th century.


This advertisement for Wright's Myrrh Tooth Soap features a baby with dark skin, which reads "See my nice white teeth." However, I can't help but notice that there are no teeth visible. 

vintage advertisement for myrrh tooth soap


This vintage bottle of Myrrh Tincture contains 85% alcohol, so at least you'll have a nice buzz along with experiencing the healing effects of Myrrh.


This Balsam of Myrrh Antiseptic Dressing and Liniment also contains mostly alcohol (at a healthy 76%!) but extracts of another resin, benzoin.

 This pharmacy label for another Tincture of Myrrh shows how commonly available Myrrh remedies were at the time. 



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