Metaphysical Crystals

Metaphysical Crystals                                           

Many ancient cultures believed that stones contained a life force and used them to conduct rituals and for healing. It is believed that the lost city of Atlantis used crystal power extensively. Stones have also played an integral role in various religions. The most ancient jewellery was found in Queen Pu-Abi’s tomb at Ur in Sumeria, dating back to the third millennium BC. Ancient priests believed crystals to be a force that defied all evil. The Egyptians engraved an eye of lapis lazuli, symbolising Ra the sun god, and to the Cherokee Indians crystal is a sacred stone used for healing.

It is not necessary for a person to possess special abilities to work with crystals and gems, all you need is the intention and the desire to perform a particular type of magic to enhance your life, the work is done with the energy of the crystal or gem, and you are the conduit. Seen as a connecting force between earth and ether, crystals are used for crystal ball readings, scrying, spell casting and invoking.

Cleansing your Crystals – To cleanse your crystals they can be placed in a warm water bath with detergent added, use a soft toothbrush to clean well, then place your crystals in cold water and leave for at least one hour. After removing your crystals from the water place them outside in the sun, or inside near a window where they will receive the sun’s rays. If the day is cloudy place them inside near a window and let them dry naturally. When night falls place the crystals outside, allowing them to absorb the moon’s rays, or inside near a window where they can be charged by the light of the moon.

Becoming Attuned – You can attune to the energy of a crystal or gem, by touch, and moving the stone from hand to hand while you concentrate on the particular qualities of the individual stone. After a few minutes you will become aware of a pulsing or tingling in your hands. This is a signal of your conscious awareness of crystal energy, and a bonding between you and your crystal.

Energy and Intention – Each crystal has a pre-programmed energy for you to work with, and if you state your intention before working with a particular crystal, it will then resonate with energy and amplify the energy. While holding the crystal in both hands, breathe deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth and into the crystal, do this for approximately 3 minutes. By doing this you are connecting your intention with the inherent qualities of the crystal and activating the life energy within the crystal.

There are a multitude of ways to use your stones, such as placing an amethyst under your pillow for a comfortable dreamed filled sleep, you may like to carry a small crystal or gem in your bag or pocket. Place crystals around your plants to aid growth, or put one next to your computer to diffuse the electromagnetic energy. Keep one on your desk when you are working to inspire you, use a gem or crystal to help you organise scattered thoughts and to help you think more clearly. If you are feeling a little run down, wear one as an amulet to repel dense energies and protect your psyche. Place a crystal in each area of your home to create harmony.

Meditating – When meditating with a crystal, work with the same one each time, it will attune to you and the way you work, by doing this you will be able to reach a deep meditative state very quickly. A crystal is used to amplify thought, will, and intention, and once a connection is made everything is enhanced. Crystal healing is dependent on a quiet mind and meditation is an integral part. To achieve the best results it is important to still and clear your mind before you begin, an empty mind is essential for healing.

Healing – Healing with crystals and gems is an ancient practice embraced by many cultures, there are no specific rules to abide by, trust your intuition and work in a way that you are comfortable with. Over time a style is developed that suits the individual, with each healer working in their own way and embracing their particular quirk factor. When you are healing, an appropriate crystal may be placed on a particular area of the body that is afflicted. Crystal and gemstone healing is not meant to replace traditional treatment, nor is it a cure for all that ails, it should be used as a complementary therapy. The more you work with crystals the more attuned you will become to their subtle energies. When healing with a crystal you may want to choose a crystal wand, this will have one rounded end and one pointed end, a crystal wand can be used to recharge your entire body. The crystal can be held and pointed at the area of the body that is in need of healing, you then visualise a stream of white light emanating from the tip and flowing into the body. Crystal healing clears blockages and brings everything into balance.

Keep a crystal and gemstone journal, write down everything you do, the type of crystal or gem and its properties, how you used it and how you felt afterwards. When you used it and what the results were, also take note if you find that one crystal works better than another, document your first impressions or images associated with each crystal. If you keep a Book of Shadows, your crystal and gemstone journal can become part of it.


AGATE – Inspires competition and eloquence (perfect if you have something to say). For Mouth – fever – circulation.

AGATE BLUE LACE – Composure, calm, balance. Inflammation – fever.

AGATE BOTSWANA – Understanding. Recuperation – infection.

AGATE DENDRITIC – Balance, energy, steadiness. Recuperation.

AGATE MOSS – Assertiveness, renewal. Heart – lungs.

AGATE TREE – Organisation, management. Chest – stomach.

ALEXANDRITE – Investment, growth. Nerves.

ALMANDINE – Inspiration, tolerance, affection. Eyes – heart.

AMAZONITE – Self-expression, insight, stabilises emotions, promotes growth, study, clarity, insight, success. Nerves.

AMBER – Helps career, relieves stress, accomplishments, uplifts. Depression – chest.


Aids sleep, reduces electrical energies, creates calm and tranquility, inspires happiness, generates positive feelings, relieves stress. Addictions – acne.

AMETRINE – Resolution, teaching. Metabolism – mouth.

ANDALUSITE – Moderation, enlightenment. Memory – vision.

ANGELITE – Bravery, abundance, communication, overcoming challenges, balance. Infection – headache.

ANHYDRITE – Co-ordination, concentration. Lungs.

ANTIMOANY – Intellect, progress. Cold – flu.

APATITE –  Calms, helps business, will help you speak up if need be. Bones.

APOPHYLLITE – Tranquillity, honesty. Respiration.

AQUA AURA – Dexterity, the arts. Throat – healing.

AQUAMARINE – Insight, love, growth, calms nerves, brings peace, promotes truth. Stills the mind.

ARAGONITE – To energise. Allergies – nerves.

ASTROPHYLLITE – Confidence, insight, the intellect. Reproductive organs.

AUGELITE – Contemplation, justice. Digestion – muscles.

AVENTURINE – Judgement, relieves tension, prosperity, clears the mind. Eyes – migraine.

AZURITE – Meditation, concentration, spirituality. Liver.

BARITE – Writing, decisions. Muscles.

BERYL – Determination, stability, calms, reduces stress. Very effective when used for love spells. Nerves – physical strength.

BLOODSTONE – Temperance, kindness, courage, wealth, confidence. Bloodstream – circulation.

BLUE JOHN – Renewal, strength. General health.

BLUE CORAL – Balance, protection from negativity. Worry.

BOWENITE – Intelligence. Head – scalp – tension.

BRAZILLIANITE – A social crystal, enhances relationships. Nerves – skin.

CALCITE – Comfort, inspiration, calm, balance. Bladder.

CARNELIAN – Passion, sensuality, sexual energy. Rheumatism – arthritis.

CASSITERITE – Endurance, contentment. Cuts – bruises.

CATS EYE – Inner vision, security. Headaches.

CELESTITE – Calm, relaxation, meditation, eases worries. Nerves – stress – travel sickness.

CERRUSITE – Confidence, nerves, insomnia. calm. Nerves – antivirus.

CHALCEDONY – Stamina, energises, awakens, stimulates the mind and removes negativity. Depression – circulation – low energy.

CHALCOPYRIE – Perception, intuition. Lungs – hair.

CHAROITE – Assertiveness, inspiration. Cramps.

CHIASTOLITE – Stability. Veins – rheumatism.

CHRYSOCOLLA – Self awareness, self-expression. Heart – blood.

CHRYSOPRASE – Passion, beginnings, sensuality, friendship, prosperity, good luck, physical love. Fertility healing.

CHRYSOTILE – Partnerships, generosity. Arteries – veins – lungs.

CINNABAR – Independence, stability. Heart – appetite.

CITRINE – Calm, uplift, dreams, psychic ability, intuition. Circulation – diabetes – anxiety.

COLEMANITE – Loyalty. Lungs – muscles.

CORUNDUM – Awareness, confidence. Eyes – skin.

COVELLITE – Communication. Mouth – ears – nose.

CROCOITE – Action, industry. Sex organs.

CRUPITE – Awareness, teaching. Bladder – circulation – stomach.

DANBURITE – Social grace, dignity, confidence. Muscles.

DESERT ROSE – Perception, intuition. Stress – recuperation.

DIAMOND – Abundance, prosperity, courage, business, strength. Health and wellbeing.

DIOPSIDE – Love, lovers, partnership, commitment. Circulation – lungs – heart.

DIOPTASE – Meditation, partnerships. Headache – stress.

DOLOMITE – Optimism, hope, belief. Limbs.

DUMORTIERITE – Patience, calm. Skin – nausea.

EILAT STONE – Spirituality, meditation, balance. Wellbeing.

EMERALD – Prosperity, intellect, truth, psychic ability. Helps the truth to surface. Headaches – infection – thyroid – tension.

EUDIALITE – Management, overcoming. Sex organs – recovery.

FLUORITEFluorite Octahedrons, and their associated sacred geometry principles are connected with the element of air, and the heart chakra. They help to push past mental blocks and open the mind to possibilities and solutions. Fluorite Octahedrons promote forgiveness, compassion and empathy, for self and others. 

FRANKLINIITE – Imagination. Eyes – hair.

FUCHSITE – Teamwork, productivity. Arteries.

GALENA – Dedication. Insomnia.

GARNET – Creativity, charm, charisma, used as an amulet by travellers, attract love. Infection – anaemia – insomnia.

GEODE – Growth, psychic ability, inspired dreams. Fertility.

GOETHITE – Perseverance competition. Nerves.

GOLDSTONE – Optimism. Stomach – tension.

GRANITE – Balance, stability, determination. Skin – hearing.

GRAPHITE – Assert, achieve. Spine – hearing.

HEMATITE – Calm, serenity. Blood – tiredness – stress – eyes.

HERKIMER DIAMOND – Opens the mind, enhances dreams, learning, study, it can be used to enhance the power of other stones. Stamina – energy.

HICKORYITE – Adventure, imagination, removes negativity, creativity. Boredom – feeling down.

HORNBLENDE – Wisdom, insight, communication, balance. Fingers – toes.

HOWLITE – Resilience, competition. Bones.

IOLITE – Control, management. Chest – addiction.

IRNAMITE – Calm, rational, judgement, emotional balance, inspiration. Muscles – strains.

JADE – To calm the mind, longevity, benevolence, providence, to attract friendship and as a travel talisman. Bladder – kidneys

JASPER – To attract what you desire. Nerves – blood.

JET – Dispels negativity, empathy. Migraine – healing.

KUNZITE – Balance, stability, communication. Heart – skin.

KYANITE – Energy, strength, finance. Hearing.

LABRADORITE – Charisma, to improve relationships, quells inhibitions, releases hidden qualities. Feet.

LAPIS LAZULILapis is a semi-precious stone that contains primarily Lazurite, Calcite, and Pyrite.

Enhances insight, intellect, and awareness. Also promotes spirituality, mysticism, and integrity. Heart, bones, eyes

LARIMAR – Rapport, meditation. Breathing – neck.

LAVAKITE – Intellect, learning, adaptability, achievement. Brain.

LAZULITE – Serenity. Teeth.

LEPIDOLITE – Recharge, balance, peace. Nerves – pessimism.

LEUCITE – Clear thinking, protection. Nerves.

LODESTONE – Communication, teamwork. Glands – circulation.

MAGNETITE – Composure, learning. Heart.

MAGNESITE – Enlightenment, emotional balance. Bones – fever.

MALACHITEMalachite is a bright green carbonate that is a secondary mineral of copper that forms when its minerals are changed. It was used for the construction of columns for St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia. Metaphysically Malachite is believed to be a strong protector of children. It is said to protect the wearer from accidents and protects travelers.

MANGANO (PINK) CALCITEMangano Calcite, or Pink Calcite, is a stone of love and well-being. Enhances the flow of energy from the Crown Chakra to the Heart Chakra. Pink Calcite can attract new opportunities to learn of universal love. Can be calming, and aid focus when held in the hand during meditation or energy work.

MARBLE – Renewal, compassion. Fever.

MARCASITE – Ambition, rapport. Brain – circulation.

METEORITE – Intuition, benevolence, communication, adventure. Spiritual guidance.

MOLDOVITE – Insight, sensitivity. Fertility – renewal.

MOOKAITE – Responsibility. Health.

MOONSTONE (RAINBOW) - Occurs naturally in shades of white, peach, and gray and may be translucent or semi-translucent. Rainbow Moonstone works as a prism, diffusing energy throughout the aura. Provides psychic protection, clears the mind and senses, aids in lucid dreaming and calming deep sleep. It helps deflect negativity and eases emotional trauma. It is aligned with the Goddess, and connected with the energies and spirits of Nature, from plant devas to higher consciousness.

MORGANITE – Intellect, commerce. Hearing.

MOSS AGATE – Self-awareness, meditation. Glands – lungs.

MTOROLITE – Serenity, capability. Nerves.

MUSCOVITE – Inspiration, energy. Speech – muscles.

OBSIDIAN – Brings matters to the surface, dispels negativity, creates tranquility. Digestion – stomach – stress.

ONYX – Spiritual alignment, harmony, peace of mind, tranquility. A protection amulet. Heart – hearing – stomach.

OPAL – Attracting, creativity, prosperity, lucpek, power, abundance. Chest.

OPAL (PINK)Pink Opal is a type of non-precious opal. It has some lustre and translucency without the fire or color play associated with precious opal varieties. Pink Opal occurs in shades of very pale to deeper pink. 
Aids in the productivity of new endeavors, emotional balance, healing, and matters of the heart. It can aid in your journey of self acceptance and love.

OPALITE – Invention. Tiredness.

PEACOCK ORE (Bonita) – Mind stimulant, can be used as a charm. Brain – eyes.

PEARL – Creativity, certainty. Headaches, Tension.

PERIDOT – Intuition, career, wealth, abundance, protection. Metabolism.

PHENACITE – Intellect, Insight. Limbs – stomach.

PIETERSITE – Organisation, objectivity. Sleep – respiration.

PREHNITE – Insight, intellect. Stomach.

PURPURITE – Prosperity, leadership. Wounds.

PYRITES – Truth, awareness. Recuperation.

QUARTZ CLEAR – Generally used for healing purposes, to cleanse mind, body, spirit. Vertigo.

QUARTZ ROSE – The love crystal associated with Venus, joy, happiness, peace, harmony often used in love spells. Migraine – headaches.

QUARTZ RUTILATED – Passion. Anxiety.

QUARTZ SMOKEY – Use in spells to remove negative energies, or as a lucky talisman. Spine – depression – stomach.

QUARTZ SNOW – Relaxation, meditation, serenity. Nerves – stress.

RHODOCHROSITE – Comfort, stillness, friendship, love, balance, stability. Insecurity – Eyes.

RHODONITE – Communication. Hearing – memory loss – recuperation.

RHODOLITE – Stability. Glands.

RHYOLITE – Marketing, stability. Skin.

RUBELLITE – Prosperity. Heart – back – recovery.

RUBY – Luck, fortune, contentment. Circulation.

SAPPHIRE – Love, partnership, protection, power, inspiration. Depression.

SARDONYX – Forgiveness. Neck – hearing.

SATINSPAR – Insight, calms disputes. Spine.

SCAPOLITE –  Strength, achievement. Veins.

SCHALENBLENDE – Attract, abundance. Eyes – muscles.

SCHEELITE – Awareness, balances relationships. Colds – flu.

SCHORL – Balance, practicality. Intestines – liver.

SEFTONITE – Enhances relationships, learning. Circulation.

SERPENTINE – Meditation, enlightenment. Stomach.

SHUNGITE -  Has the ability to clean water of almost all organic compounds including pesticides, metals, bacteria and microorganisms. Has been used in medical treatment since the early 18th century. Peter the Great set up Russia's first spa to make use of the water purifying properties of this stone, which he had himself experienced. 

This powerful stone has meany cleansing benefits to your body. Aids people who are sensitive to electronic devices, and magnetic fields. 

SIDERITE – Loyalty, intellect. Hands – bones.

SILICONE – Attract, draw to you. Muscles.

SILVER – Perception. Recovery.

SMITHSONITE – Harmony, consideration. Digestion.

SOAPSTONE – Loyalty. Back.

SODALITE – Confidence, self-assertion, meditation. Chest – insomnia – blood pressure.

SPESSARTINE – Renewal, confidence.

SPHALERITE – Integrity, career. Calms nerves.

SPINEL – Intellect, energy. Depression – skin – stress.

SPIRIT STONES – Vitality, awareness. Cleansing.

STAUROLITE – Brings all elements together, integration, focus, awareness. Body – spine – memory loss.

STEATITE – Adventure, communication. Digestion.

STICHTITE – Loyalty, creativity. Chest – muscles – joints.

STILBITE – Creativity, understanding. Toxins.

SUGILITE – Co-operation, co-ordination, inspiration, peace of mind, psychic awareness. Healing – inflammation – pain.

SULPHUR – Protection and intellect. Arthritis – rheumatism – skin

SUNSTONE – Insight, regeneration, can be used in spells associated with sexuality. Depression – eyes.

TANZANITE – Vitality, movement. Bones – anxiety.

THULITE – Aligns mind and body, meditation, concentration. Hands – tendons.

TIGER IRON – Endurance, vigour, clarity. Physical strength – energy.

TIGERS EYE – Insight, Integrity, overcoming. Limbs – asthma.

TOPAZ – Legal matters. Infection – digestion.

TOURMALINE – Confidence, success, abundance, luck. Healing.

TURQUENTINE – Travel. Limbs.

TURQUOISE – Protects the home, aligns friendships, comfort, tranquility. Throat – respiration – recovery – chakra healing.

ULEXITE – Contentment. Teeth – worry.

UNAKITE – Strength, stability, enhancement. Back – feet – muscles.

UVAROVITE – Joy, vitality. Throat – voice.

VANADINITE – Friendships, socialising. Lungs.

VARISCITE – Writing, meditation. Digestion.

VERDITE – Friendship, partnership. Nervous system.

VESUVIANITE – Intuition, partnership. Depression.

VIOLAN – Vitality, Insight. Genitals.

WILLIAMSITE – Truth, tranquility. Inflammation – lungs – chest.

WOLLASTONITE – Meditation, grounding energy, moderation. Glands – bones.

WULFENITE – Relationship balance and harmony. Digestive system.

ZEOLITE – Clear thinking, independence. Toxins – addictions.

ZINC – Loyalty, joy. Bones – muscles – back.

ZIRCON – Clarity, rest, sleep. Genitals – PMS.

ZOISITE – Attraction. Fertility – fingers – joints.