6 Piece Resin Incense Mini Sampler

6 Piece Resin Incense Mini Sampler

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The assortment brings you 6 all natural resin incenses. Total weight is approximately 2 ounces. Pair with our resin incense charcoal, available here

White Copal Resin Incense - also known as damar, it has a multitude of uses, including in resin casting, and mixed with beeswax for encaustic painting. The smell is light, scented of subtle citrus musk, is great for burning every day.

Frankincense Tears - This most well known resin has been widely used throughout history for rituals, medicinal, and purely for its aromatic properties. Still harvested in the traditional methods as it has been for thousands of years. This high quality resin is very potent, with only 1 small grain burned filling a whole room.

Myrrh - this deep and earthy smelling resin has a deep connection to cultures for millennia. It’s use as an intoxicating perfume, as well as for healing and purifying has been recorded throughout history. Along with Frankincense, and gold, it was among the first gifts brought to Jesus by the three wise men.

Oppoponax (Sweet Myrrh) - The greatest smelling resin! Very potent, with notes of sweet toffee, and warm rich caramel, liquorice, and warm traces of vanilla.

Dragon’s Blood - this resin is steeped in mysticism, and is great for powerful rituals or special occasions. The way it melts and bubbles as it’s burned, and it’s deep red color inspires its name. The scent is powerful, and a small amount burned will quickly fill a space.

Benzoin - also known as styrax resin, or gum benjamin has a sweet, thick fragrance that lingers. The sweet scent is due to compounds including cinnamic acid, cinnamyl cinnamate and vanilin. Along with a hint of spice, the complex scent of benzoin is one of the favorites of mystics.